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Name: Corinne
Are you over 16?: Yep
Personal LJ: [ profile] corintendo  nnnnot that I ever use it
Email: annyuix3 at hotmail dot com
Timezone: EST
Other contact: AIM: corinneization, MSN is the same as the email address
Characters already in the game: Bruce Wayne
How did you find us?: B|


Character name: Kaywinnit Lee “Kaylee” Frye
Fandom: Firefly
Timeline: After Objects in Space but before Better Days, Those Left Behind, etc, and Big Damn Movie
Age: 19 going on 20
~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: She’s really good with machines. As in, she’s never had any sort of formal training, but she’s able to examine- and fix- engines she’s never seen before. She’s also disgustingly cheerful :D
How would they use their abilities?: FOR SCIENCE FIXING SHIT
Appearance: Kaylee is the perpetual girl-next-door, if the girl-next-door was brought back in time to the old west and then shot into outer space. She's got brown hair that's often up and out of her way, especially if she's working, when you might catch her with some oil or grease on her face. She's nearly always smiling and does her best to look cheerful. She dresses in fairly girly prints- flowers and pink- underneath her work overalls, and leans towards a Chinese-youth style of dress when she's off the job.
Here’s how it is.

Humanity left Earth for a new solar system centuries ago, one with hundreds of planets and moons available for living space. And they managed to get those worlds terraformed and livable, though some- the Core planets- were clearly more comfortable than others, due in part to the sheer amount of effort it took to get the proper supplies to the planets further from the center. But most planets survived, anyway, and there were people colonizing every rock they could to live any way they wanted.

Until the central planets- ruled by the Anglo-Sino Alliance, a leftover from when the United States and China allied into one gigantic superpower- decided that all planets should be under their rule. And thus an epic civil war for freedom and control and independence was fought.

The Independents lost.

Unification Day occurred, everyone was united under the Alliance, and the Independents not content to living under Alliance rule took out to the border planets- as it’s a little harder to enforce laws from across the galaxy- or even bought their own space ships and lived their own way. Malcolm Reynolds was one of these soldiers who got his own ship to try and avoid the Alliance as much as possible, but we’ll get back to him in a little bit, because we’re talking about Kaylee here.

Kaylee grew up on a border planet, and wasn’t effected too much by the war- mostly because she was 13 when it ended. She worked for her father growing up, as she had an immensely useful skill with mechanics. She never had any lessons in engineering or even basics on how machines work, but she could identify what was wrong with them and fix them even if she’d never seen them before.

One day, when she was in her older teens, some mechanic named Bester started talking about a Firefly-class ship he was working on. Bragging, more like, and next thing either of them knew they were having sex in the engine room of the Firefly. The captain of the ship came in, yelled at Bester a little bit, and asked why the ship wasn’t fixed yet. Kaylee, having spotted what was wrong with the engine while she was on her back, got dressed, then fixed the problem. Malcolm Reynolds (told you he’d be back) hired her on the spot, presumably leaving poor, incompetent Bester stranded on Kaylee’s home planet, but we don’t care about him.

Kaylee joined the crew of the Firefly ship Serenity, captained by Mal after he decided to dodge Alliance control as much as possible. Alongside him were Zoe, his first mate and ally from the war, Wash, the pilot who married Zoe, Jayne, the hired muscle, and Inara, the registered Companion (read: classy space hooker) who rents one of the ship’s shuttles. The crew does both illegal and honest jobs to earn enough money to keep flying, and Kaylee never took any particular offense to thieving. She quickly fell in love with Serenity (as did, in some way or another, everyone who lived on her) and became like a little sister to the rest of the crew. If someone threatened Kaylee, they were automatically a Bad Man.

And threaten her people did, as we first see when Serenity picks up some passengers to earn a little extra money. A doctor, a preacher, and a federal agent walk onto a Firefly- turns out the doctor’s a fugitive, on the run because he broke his little sister out of a high-security Alliance facility. The little sister happened to be sitting in a box in the cargo hold, and the federal agent got a little jumpy when trying to apprehend the doctor and accidentally shot Kaylee in the stomach. In exchange for helping Kaylee, the rest of the crew didn’t turn the doctor- a young man named Simon Tam- and his sister over to the Alliance. Serenity gained a medic, a preacher, and a mentally damaged teenage girl, the fed got his eye shot out and his ass dumped on a random moon, and Kaylee fell in love at first sight with a handsome, uptight young fugitive.

Their love was an awkward, slowly growing one, with Simon constantly accidentally insulting Kaylee and causing her to get mad at him, but it grew nonetheless. Serenity’s wild and crazy adventures continued, albeit with them being a little extra careful with the two top wanted on board. The crew gained a few enemies, but at the end of the day, the ship kept flying.

Kaylee speaks her mind, is cheerful, honest, and sincere, and really does care for everyone on the ship along with the ship itself. While everyone on Serenity cares for her in some way, Kaylee is one of the closest people to the ship, and is able to tell if something's wrong with her based on the way she's flying or noises she's making. She's had a hand in decorating parts of Serenity with little painted designs to make her feel more like a home, and gets fiercely defensive if the ship is insulted.

While Kaylee is usually bright and chipper, she doesn't function well under pressure. In serious situations, when people are hurt or injured, she gets unbelievably worried. Usually this doesn't extend to mechanical trouble, but in truly helpless situations- like when Serenity's left without power or life support in the middle of empty space and she can't do anything to fix the broken part- she's the one who needs cheering up. She's also not helpful in a firefight- when left to defend the ship, she was unable to use a gun on the approaching guards and ended up taking cover, though no one faults her for this.

Have you read up on how the game works?: NO flaming ferret; stealing, working, refugee money etc etc.

1st person sample:
This is a whole lot newer than what we got!

--Picture’s clear as anything!

[she pauses to smile, looking over the top of the guide]

This is one hell of a space station. I never seen one this big- what sort of power do you have to be running to even get her life support going? And they say this thing can move?

...Can't remember nothing about how I got here, though.  One second we're out in the black, the alarms start goin' off, and bam! Next thing I know I'm in this da chung wu dahn of a skyplex with a... handheld cortex terminal? Don't suppose they'd be passin' out dedicated sourceboxes or nothing.

[then, more seriously]

Don't know what happened to the others, though.... Captain? Zoe? Wash? …Anyone?

[and she pauses, and it’s clear this has been bugging her the whole time]

…Where’s Serenity?

3rd person sample:

Questions?: So Kaylee and the rest of… everyone in the show occasionally curses in Chinese. How would that translate with the Babelfish? If she suddenly spurts into angry future Mandarin, would other people hear a change from when she was speaking English? And if the Firefly cast talk to each other, would they hear things in English and Chinese, or would they hear just English and get confused, or what? (Basically what I’m asking is: will I be looking up poorly-translated Chinese phrases or will I just be slipping “mother of god and all her crazy nephews” into conversations?) Also, is it all right to assume a (damaged) Serenity is in the hangar? 

Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject: Yessir!
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